Objectives and Outcomes


  • To be recognized as knowledge partner by maximum countries in areas related to civic and social development.
  • To make cutting-edge skills and infrastructure available to the wider community through a thoughtfully created network of approximately 50 collaborators and 1000 lead institutions across the globe.
  • To initiate, sustain and nourish groups in Civic and social segment. Based on the additional resource commitments by respective institutions.
  • To motivate the learner community for exploiting the potential of start-ups and innovations in this area and connecting them with the real-life problems of industry.

Overall it will enhance the content, quality, capacity, and collaboration of the ecosystem.


  • 10000 trained people in who in turn will be helping to train around 1000000 people every year.
  • 100 Research Groups working in different critical areas to solve some of the pressing problems in front of mankind.
  • 10 collaborator and 100 Lead Zonal institutions connected with Industry for live projects and helping to better prepare for the industry-required skills.
  • Marked improvement in the quality landscape and skill gap which will result in an overall buoyancy in developing countries to bring them at par with International standards.
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Global Members

Yes, now you can also be a change maker! If you are an Individual, Corporate or a Start-up who is interested in supporting our cause join us by becoming a member. To know more about why you should join us click on Learn more.

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Grand Challenges

Are you awesomely insane to disrupt the current social/civic/ economic situation? We need you then. We host grand challenges. That means we have a list of issues and their solutions. So whoever wants to take those up, we make them entrepreneurs and let them run those projects as a separate company.

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Affiliate Partner Program

Click on learn more to know how we can help you launch and generate revenue for your Innovative Civic or Social product.

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Global Meetup Edition

We host seminars, events, and conferences to collaborate on civic issues across nations in collaboration with the local authorities. We help to build partnerships in different countries for change makers.

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Let's be the change we want to see

At GICCA, we are working hard to bring the change we want to see in this world.

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