Global Memberships

Yes, now you can also be a change maker! If you are an Individual, Corporate or a Start-up who is interested in supporting our cause become a member. Our Members get discounts on all programs and networking events. You can support our initiatives and Entrepreneurs.

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Grand Challenges

Are you awesomely insane to disrupt the current social/civic/ economic situation? We need you then. We host grand challenges. That means we have a list of issues and their solutions. So whoever wants to take those up, we make them entrepreneurs and let them run those projects as a separate company.

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Global Programs Edition

We host seminars, events and conferences to collaborate on civic issues across nations. We help to build partnerships in different countries for change makers.

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Let's be the change we want to see

At GICCA, we are working hard to bring the change we want to see in this world.

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Next Steps...

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